feminism all night

immersive training: july 31 — august 3, 2018

community wide event: august 3, 2018

bay area, california


feminism all night is a communal immersive all night long learning experiment to center feminism. it is a call to the community to engage together in feminism: the political, social, economical movement coming to fully challenge and resist patriarchy while dreaming up and manifesting a visionary new way of existence.


this project is composed of:

  • a 3 day intentional training for workshop leaders to develop their session in northern CA
  • a public all night long gathering with workshops on feminism open to all in downtown Oakland, CA

  • immersive training

    what happens when we come to study ancient texts from a feminist lens? how do we heal historical patriarchy through cultivating relationship with scripture? what if we showed up for this process with love, commitment, and devotion?

    these questions are the building blocks of forming a feminist beit midrash (jewish house of learning). a 3-day learning playground in the study of feminism and judaism, this training is an all inclusive learning space for participants to grow their skills in text learning, feminist thinking, and workshop facilitation.

    the training will offer participants time to personally grow in their learning and engage in divine devotion. participants will be supported in developing a workshop to be taught at the community wide event. the training will offer space for experimentation in leading the workshop and learning platform to deepen the intentionality and meaning of the session. we encourage diverse topics such as how feminism relates to race, capitalism, the body, sex, romance, money, learning, spirituality, violence, emotional world, politics, the moment that we are in right now, etc. we also encourage various mediums of learning such as movement, singing, text-study, writing, and more.


    july 31st - august 3rd

    Four Springs

    all lodging and meals provided for

    sliding scale $54-$108



    application deadline: june 15th

    community wide event

    a communal immersive public gathering to delve deep into feminist learning. come join to expand your awareness, connect with community, and shift the political tides towards justice. the evening includes:

  • soulful prayers welcoming the divine Goddess
  • nourishing Shabbat dinner made with love
  • workshops on feminism all night long

  • workshops for this year will be announced july 1st.
    check out last year’s workshops below.


    inspired by shavuot, the jewish holiday where we stay up all night to learn together.


    friday, august 3rd

    6 pm - 4 am

    downtown oakland, ca (location tba)

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    register for dinner ($8)


    register for workshops (free)
    past workshops