feminism all night

a night of communal learning

coming worldwide: bay area. new york. boston. los angeles. tel aviv.

feminism all night
is a communal educational project modeled after Shavuot, the Jewish holiday that calls on us to stay up all night to learn wisdom. The vision of FAN is to create a feminist beit midrash (Jewish house of learning) accessible to  people of all genders. Come join us in learning, transforming, and expanding our vision for love and justice.

Our purpose is to create a multi-gendered space centered in compassion and directing towards justice. We hold feminism as an intersectional political movement that includes race, class, ability and other identity groups. We honor the divinity of every human being and see feminist learning as core and fundamental towards shifting political tides. We want the end of colonization and we want you there with us!

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We just launched our Patreon account! Our dream is for our organization to be collective cared for. By raising funds for visionary manifestations, we get to continue to create a container for deep feminist learning as praxis for collective liberation.

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Our future dreams:

JTA covered us back in our first feminism all night in June 2017,
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